AOL Steve Case Addresses Political Interest in Internet

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LV.Net writers enjoyed breakfast at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with the Founder of American Online (AOL), Mr. Steve Case. Early in the morning at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Steve Case addressed the issue that he regards at the “Next Wave” of the Internet. He spoke of the technology growth in the terms of evolution. Mr. Case reached out by talking about the engineers, the new generation of entrepreneurs that are now inventing tablets, apps, energy sources; But the key to his conversation on the “next wave” is politics. “Companies will have to get more involved in politics. Politicians are starting to legislate. Washington didn’t take an interest before. They didn’t care about what we were doing in the Eighties and Nineties. Some didn’t understand what we were inventing. Now that has changed. In 2016, more political parties will be addressing laws surrounding Internet broadband, technological security, social media and who is connected. The government realizes that we were disconnected. That is about to change. Corporations involved with the Internet will need to get more high tech.”

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