GameWorks Offers High Speed Internet to Gamers

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Tournament leaders that heard about the ARAM Tournament by following social media groups on Facebook like the Las Vegas favorite League of Hunnies, Founded by Nancy Tran, gather around Internet channels hosted by communities that reach out globally from the City of Las Vegas. Nancy Tran has YouTube trailers, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and she continually upgrades her conversations with her communities. Her League of Hunnies has a League of Legends Community based around the popular game with a new feed based around a forum. League of Legends also known simply as LoL provides players with an online arena. High speed Internet is necessary because the video game is played in real time by multiple players around the planet. Of course, Nancy Tran is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. But she is reaching out to a worldwide audience which promotes Las Vegas tourism. Millions of tourists visiting Las Vegas play League of Legends. The Gamers spoke to LV.Net about the importance of high speed Internet, “The broadband has to be high to play the game. For example, do you know the game Blizzard? World Craft, Diablo, Heroes, to play Blizzard games like Star Craft, you need to have high speed Internet. What you are doing at LV.Net is getting people to connect so that they can play.” The Gamers continued by saying, “Las Vegas is going to be the center for gaming tournaments. Many of my fans


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