President Obama Promotes High Speed Internet to Rural Areas

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Thomas Chee admits, “Our company began providing Internet for rural areas throughout Nevada before President Obama addressed it. The corporation was addressing the need for Internet to areas outside of Reno as well as Las Vegas. Finally Washington has caught up. I am thankful the topic is connecting to Washington D.C. Still our Internet firms were providing Wi-Fi Internet with high speeds to cities in rural areas of Nevada and California outside of Las Vegas like Baker, Pahrump, and those between Las Vegas and Reno, before those folks got cell phone service. Many used satellites to connect with their cell phone reception. Honestly, I provided Internet service before those homes and far reaching schools could gain cell phone reception.” Thomas Chee, Business Development executive for LV.Net, talks to reporters about President Barack Obama’s delivery on offering help to rural cities gain affordable broadband throughout the nation. President Obama insists, “Americans should have access to affordable high speed Internet no matter where they live.” The United States Department of Agriculture will begin offering $50 million dollars to rural cities to connect with carriers that will provide high speed Internet.


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