Uber Drivers Busted in Las Vegas, Nevada

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The Las Vegas taxi companies weren’t happy with the Uber App in the first place. High speed Internet at the airport was new to most cab services. They connected using cell phones. Now Uber spelled competition. Las Vegas has the busiest airport in the nation with global recognition. Taxis had to compete with each other. Taxi drivers has competition for profits by roaming resort shuttles picking up passengers for casinos. Nightclubs offered a free shuttle service that included no cover charge to enjoy the clubs that run 24 hours night and day. Now Uber drivers can use the high speed Internet via Wi-Fi at the airport to pick up fares. That may change with the bust by secret inspectors. Laws have been built around the Uber Taxi trade. Politicians are creating more legislation to address Uber in Las Vegas. Talk of each individual having a business license. Worry about taxes. Collecting tax revenue. Incomes. Safety for passengers. Safety for drivers. Clean cars. And of course, cash. Recently inspectors did a study on Uber drivers illegally collecting money. Private investigators recorded Uber drivers accepting illegal cash from detectives they thought were Las Vegas passengers.

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