Selling Sex for Concert Tickets, the books about sex sold! Not one of the books on politics. One in twelve of the political event books sold. No one looks back at them. The rock star I wrote about. He failed. Humans have flaws. The rock star stopped singing great tunes to become a painter, husband, and now he is a punch line, just like the books I wrote about him. No one cares about the musician more books written about him. So I met dancers that asked for biographies. Those books – Books about Las Vegas girls – Books about girls that made money in Las Vegas nightclubs, dancing girls that worked in casino shows or clubs, writing these stories turned a profit. The girls flew in from Philadelphia. Most from out of town the first year arrived from California or Arizona. Then the Salt Lake City authors came to me. The stories were rare. I am not saying at sex sells. But no one was interested in politics. Politics, actors, musicians, their time arrives quick. Much in the same way a gambler wins at a card table. As soon as he wins, he cashes in his chips. The casinos resemble life. If you let life take away your fame, life will gladly accept the timing. The books on selling sex lingered. They had staying power that earned royalty checks. I turned the checks into a career by interviewing more single moms that wandering into Las Vegas. Dancers that were asked to join them on the migration to Las Vegas by their husbands only to find themselves working in a nightclub single and alone. Divorce is common, because the number one reason for divorce is money.

Thomas Chee
Publisher and Photographer


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