She was a graceful model. Lovely. Why am I starting off my saying so many positive things about a random photograph taken in 2006? Because the entire endeavor was awkward out in the middle of the Mojave desert. All I needed was a girl that wore a bikini to hold signs with my book titles on them. There was a popular bikini seamstress that tailored homemade swimsuits for the girls in Las Vegas. All the girls parading around the swimming pools in Las Vegas wanted a unique bikini to get attention. Models have a lot of competition in Vegas casinos. I went to the bikini store, asked the girl behind the counter if she could recommend a model. “We have a catalog. I can call my friends that modeled for the catalog!” She exclaimed. The model and I met at the store. She sat in my car, we drove out to the middle of the desert only to find out that she forgot her bag in the trunk of her car. The car parked back in Vegas as the boutique. She was a great sport. She stripped into her underwear. Held the signs with a statement to promote the books I had written.

Thomas Chee
Publisher and Photographer

Saha Strings (2)


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