Las Vegas was full of ranches. Dancers during the days of burlesque, tell stories about stables with horses next to the casino. The girls sang, danced, performed in their show, and went out to the stable to climb a horse. They rode the horses to their next show at another resort. Mayor Carolyn Goodman tells stories about riding horses along trails that are now public parks. But ranches with horses riding back and forth between resorts is not what attracted tourists. Visitors to Las Vegas came for the right to divorce. Divorce was difficult. Divorces took time. The State of Nevada offered easy divorces in a short time. The couples came to divorce, filed, waited a few days for the bureaucratic legal paper work. They stayed in hotels. Spent money. A few individuals stayed. New single women in town questioning what kind of career they would return to in Nebraska, Minnesota, and Alabama, thought better of going home with the stigma of divorce. Many of those ladies decided to stay. One woman told me stories of riding a horse down Las Vegas Boulevard in front of the wedding chapel where Elvis married his bride. Las Vegas didn’t care if you gambled, rode a horse down the main boulevard, or swam naked in the swimming pool outside your hotel room, which is why the community the showgirls swam in full of hotels is still known by the nickname Naked City.

LA to Las Vegas - 2

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