Hustlers, charming con-artists, fake and frauds bank on this investment of changing faces the way a child exchanges one mask for the next in a Halloween costume shop. This girl modeled. She changed faces. Her most memorable appearance was confidence. She began to feel comfortable with the camera. At one point, I had to cover the nipple to her breast, because she stopped being shy. She simply stopped caring about exposing her nipple, a photo she earlier insisted on not wanting to have ever. Early I told her, “None of the photographs are nude. Not even topless. These photographs are for magazine covers. They can’t show nudity. She forgot that fact after four hours. She was emboldened. Courage came out in her attempt to get nude to the point that I had to reach out with my right hand as my left hand held my camera only to cover her nipples as they kept peeking out of her super hero costume during daring moments.

Thomas Chee
Article, Magazine and Book, Photographer

Dynamite- Danielle- 07302009A (15)

For Sale Las Vegas

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