Nevada does not levy a state income tax. Nevada has no corporate income tax. Nevada has no personal income tax. Nevada has no franchise tax. Nevada gains revenue off gaming and sales tax. Nevada is a corporate haven. Corporations are encouraged with tax friendly laws in Las Vegas. Even prostitutes in legal Nevada brothels are protected with tax incentives. Prostitutes are exempt from the state entertainment tax. Plus they pay no other state taxes. Nevada provides businesses with the most advantageous economic, tax, and legal environments in the United States of America. Nevada is the Gambling Capital of the World, The Entertainment Capital of the World. The gaming industry combined with tourism provide state tax revenue. “I was born and raised in the high desert of Nevada in a tiny town called Searchlight. My dad was a hard rock miner. My mom took in wash. I grew up around people of strong values – even if they rarely talked about them.” Harry Reid shares with his voters.

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