The girls were bored. Worst, they had no way of making money, so they started modeling and answering ads posted on Craigslist to make home movies. But that was not my involvement. They asked me to drive outside of town so that I could write their story starting with interviews. The interviews were baffling. The more I go over their tale of traveling from a Mormon lifestyle in a community outside of Salt Lake City, the more concerned I get for their mental well being. Their kids, many children, were left up north in Utah. Their parents estranged. Married young. Home schooled. Somehow the girl – More than one. Many female models arrive in Las Vegas only after escaping their life in Salt Lake City, Utah – Somehow the girl arrived by car in Las Vegas. She could never turn back. If she did, she would return with experience gain, innocence lost, and everything would be tainted in a strange, unpredictable way that would leave all her future concerns to be questioned. People like to know where they stand in the world. Essentially people would like to be whole. That is where the term holy comes from. To be complete. To be whole. I have seen more than eighty percent of the models crack under extreme pressure. Unfortunately the girls I was writing about this day outside of Vegas were no models. They were runaways. The church they grew up in had a derogatory term for them: Jack Mormon. Rebels, outlaws, cast away, much like the legend of the fallen angel thrown out of the safety of heaven. Don’t get me wrong. These girls are not monsters. No one is referring to them as demons in these pages. They are innocent. That is why they are suffering. They were innocent, but those in charge of their young lives didn’t appreciate them enough to provide them with the parenting that would allow them to feel whole, complete, a part of the overall world we live in. They were raised as strangers to the world.

Thomas Chee
Publisher, Author, Photographer

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