The famous Las Vegas sign is a symbol of the visitor statistics in the same way that casinos count how many tourists are staying in hotel rooms. Maybe more so, because during the recession, people stopped checking into hotels. Statistics showed that people were spending less than four hours in the city. Drivers cruising from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City where passing through, but not stopping to spend money. Planner prioritized. They asked themselves, “Before we arrive in Las Vegas, how much time are we going to spend?” Tourists also went online to check prices, the cost of meals, and many drove right through the city in four hours or less. Off the freeway on Tropicana Boulevard, families lined up to eat In and Out Burgers before returning to Highway 15. Preparing to go north or south, drivers skipped eating anywhere near a hotel with a casino attached. They often pulled up for a burger, fries and shake without getting out of the car so that they could eat without the heat. The challenge was on to get people to stay in Las Vegas to spend money. Attractions like the famous Las Vegas sign made people park, but the parking lot was tiny. After I moved here during the recession, the Clark County decision makers quickly expanded the parking feature for the Las Vegas sign tourists allowing more space for buses full of tourists from Arizona and Southern California.

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