The murder mystery novels not only became a big hit, but the stories revealed the truth to true crime stories taking place across the city, especially in old neighborhoods like Naked City. Bartenders approached me with stories. Bartenders introduced me to Nightclub Managers that showed me where murders took place, but were also unreported in the media. The girls told stories between dancing on stage as strippers. Four o’clock in the morning, strippers left work to unwind at various bars. The tales kept coming my way. There were so many homicides that I began to carry my old recorder to record the interviews with witnesses that talked about criminals out of jail – The managers took me to their hotel rooms along Las Vegas Boulevard between Sahara and Charleston. The nightclub owners, security guards, and strippers began to tell me stories about guys jumping head first off the hotel roof. A drunk driver racing down the boulevard mowed over a prostitute, I got the story from the manager’s clerk behind the cash register before the police arrived to clean up the scene. The murder mysteries I used to write in New York City became a novel priority in Las Vegas’ Naked City Community.


Las Vegas Murder Mystery

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