The attention given to the trillion dollar Las Vegas marijuana market has gained so much attention that models are posing for marijuana magazines and marijuana related products like vapes, edible baked goods, cookies and candies – The models that earn up to $1200 per hour posing for pictures are modeling for free as well as traveling to Las Vegas from Hollywood on their own dime. The girl told me she wanted sponsorship. She figures that posing for my article will get her ad for an edibles company. I never had to invest in props. The swim suits that are bought have marijuana prints. Blankets, towels, ink tattoos, marijuana is the center of attention in Las Vegas now. When Johnny Depp dressed at the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. All the girls dressed as Alice characters. Johnny Depp wore a pirate costume for a film on pirates. All the girls dressed as pirates. All the stores sold pirate supplies. Now the poses, characters and modeling has revolved around marijuana, the world of gamers in essence cosplay characters and Super Hero costumes are extremely popular.

Marijuana Nurses 2

Marijuana Nurses


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