Las Vegas inspired a return to writing the murder mysteries I began in Manhattan. Stories about guns, gangsters, the writing flowed while I helped with the marketing inside nightclubs. I am not complaining, but I was surprised by the level of advertising taking place in all the nightclubs, especially after the recession hit. I was blessed to begin learning with the top Creative Directors in agencies centered in San Francisco Bay Area. Next, I flew to New York City, the Advertising Capital of the World, where I learned from professors at Columbia University as well as expert Creative Directors flying back and forth to Paris, France to work with the best European Creative Directors. When I worked in Las Vegas, the quality around me was so bad, that the hotel resorts started to work with agencies in Santa Monica, Malibu and Beverly Hills. A few of those Creatives began working in Las Vegas so that they could buy a cheap house by taking advantage of the housing crisis surrounding the mortgage foreclosure crisis.

Fuck You Now - Covers (3)

Revenge Motivates Anger

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