Round Trip Flights. Grifters flock into Las Vegas just to gamble. I have met with models at the Strip resort hotels, mainly they ask to meet me for the first time in a safe spot surrounding the casino’s food court. Grifter is a gambling drifter specializing in playing games. But Las Vegas can defeat them. The “House” always wins. Many lose their skins before their legs walk them off the airplane runway. To make money quick, they fan out as models, so that they can pay the hotel bill each day with cash. I have watched as the girl collecting cash walks straight to the hotel registration area outside the lobby to pay for her day to stay one more night. “I came here for the poker tournament. I am good back home. I lost. I play all the time back home. I win. But I lost in the first round at the poker tournament.” She was worried about what her mother would think. She was stressed over the imagination of seeing the expression on her father’s face before he began lecturing her. Under pressure to never return until she redeemed herself, the girl paid day to day at the hotel that would allow her to stay in the hotel to starve until she had to courage to call someone she knew back home that would come to her rescue by sending her cash, a money order, or wire her an airplane tickets so that the free peanuts the plane waitress served could hold her stomach over until she could collect a decent meal back home in the comfort of the rooms she grew up in.

Thomas Chee
Photographer, Author, Publisher

LA to Las Vegas - 3

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