The smart girls, especially the ladies that left jobs where they had to play with budgets, books, managerial accounting, these new dancers will tell you how to write off your taxes in the sex industry. Models flying in from San Francisco’s Filmore District kept in constant contact with their accountants in offices between Geary and California Street by sharing with me, “My Accountant writes off my air travel, flight tickets, makeup, clothing allowance, hotel expenses, rent if I rent a room to another girl, she pays with a check or money order.” The girls showed me where they cash checks on Geary and Filmore. Las Vegas locals, girls that followed in their friends footsteps, unfortunately these girls are not as familiar able the tax benefits – Believe me I have interviewed thousands of locals and girls flying in from out of town; But locals don’t know how good their tax advantages are. Whereas corporations from Asia, Europe and Latin America flood into Vegas before any other state in the nation to take advantage of the tax incentives. Girls can look good. Get special treatment at hair salons, spas and buy makeup, handmade swimming suits, knit bikinis and stay in the best casino hotel rooms at no cost by incorporating the same way actors, singers, celebrities and performers who entertain; Entertainment is a business in Las Vegas. Businesses save money with their tax advantages in Nevada.


Taxes Stripping Industry

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