Trudy Temple, Senior Citizens’ Advisory Board for the City of Las Vegas
Special thanks to our dear friend Trudy Temple who passed away February 27 at the age of 63. Trudy stood out as being so caring, so incredibly nice, from the first day we met, Trudy welcomed everybody, especially new people to Las Vegas. I will miss her conversations at the evening Councilman’s events “Beers with Beers”. As well as her Ward 2 Walkers group at Hualapai Canyon Trailhead on Hualapai Way. Early in the morning at City Hall, Trudy always had a tender smile that greeted you as soon as walked in the door. For those who don’t know, Trudy was on the Senior Citizens’ Advisory Board at City Hall for Ward 2. So generous, in an Italian restaurant, Trudy would see my young son walk in and order an individual pizza for him so that he could eat. She must have been such a good mother. She knew how to make my son feel like a big boy apart of the group. With a considerate heart, at our last conversation with “Beers with Beers” at Toros Mexican Cantina on Charleston, the last time I saw Trudy, she had just had her brunette bangs cut. The hair style was so attractive she reminded me of the girls sitting in the cafeteria during high school. When I told her how attractive her new style was, her eyes lit up. Trudy became almost playful, giddy, which reminded me of the opening page to Milan Kundera’s novel, Immortality, where Kundera the author reminds the reader of being timeless by describing a female swimmer in the novel named Agnes. The rest of the night at Toros Cantina, Trudy and I ate nacho appetizers with friends, and Trudy began showing off her hair with such a carefree almost flirtatious attitude that Milan Kundera describes as going back to time. Living outside of time – Like today when Councilman Beers walked away from his meeting to help his father walk up a step from the parking lot to the pavement, I imagined with wonder how Beers’ father had once helped Bob walk up a step, or how Beer’s now helps his grandchild walk up a single step as a toddler. We are living outside of time – I will miss Trudy Temple at the Councilman Beers functions as well as hear her silence at City Hall.

Trudy Temple Obituary

Trudy was born on January 9, 1953. She passed away on Saturday, February 27, 2016. Trudy Temple, Ward 2 appointee to the Senior Citizens’ Advisory Board, coordinated the new walking group that met at Hualapai Canyon Trailhead on Hualapai Way north of Alta Drive.Trudy was a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada. Graveside services will be held Friday March 4 2016 at 4:00 pm at Bunker’s Memory Garden located at 7251 W Lone Mountain Rd Las Vegas NV 89129.

Immortality by Milan Kundera, Page One

The Face

The woman might have been sixty or sixty-five. I was watching her from a deck chair by the pool ofmy health club, on the top floor of a high-rise that provided a panoramic view of all Paris. I waswaiting for Professor Avenarius, whom I’d occasionally meet here for a chat. But Professor Avenariuswas late and I kept watching the woman; she was alone in the pool, standing waist-deep in the water,and she kept looking up at the young lifeguard in sweat pants who was teaching her to swim. He wasgiving her orders: she was to hold on to the edge of the pool and breathe deeply in and out. Sheproceeded to do this earnestly, seriously, and it was as if an old steam engine were wheezing from thedepths of the water (that idyllic sound, now long forgotten, which to those who never knew it can bedescribed in no better way than the wheezing of an old woman breathing in and out by the edge of apool). I watched her in fascination. She captivated me by her touch-ingly comic manner (which thelifeguard also noticed, for the corner of his mouth twitched slightly). Then an acquaintance startedtalking to me and diverted my attention. When I was ready to observe her once again, the lesson wasover. She walked around the pool toward the exit. She passed the lifeguard, and after she had gonesome three or four steps beyond him, she turned her head, smiled, and waved to him. At that instant Ifelt a pang in my heart! That smile and that gesture belonged to a twenty-year-old girl! Her arm rosewith bewitching ease. It was as if she were playfully tossing a brightly colored ball to her lover. Thatsmile and that gesture had charm and elegance, while the face and the body no longer had any charm.It was the charm of a gesture drowning in the charmlessness of the body. But the woman, though she must of course have realized that she was no longer beautiful, forgot that for the moment. There is a certain part of all of us that lives outside of time. Perhaps webecome aware of our age only at exceptional moments and most of the time we are ageless. In anycase, the instant she turned, smiled, and waved to the young lifeguard (who couldn’t control himselfand burst out laughing), she was unaware of her age. The essence of her charm, independent of time,revealed itself for a second in that gesture and dazzled me. I was strangely moved.

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