U.S. Male Soldiers Modeling Sarah Palin Magazine Cover

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Sarah Palin said, “Yes.” John McCain proposed that they both live in the White House so that together they could manage world affairs. This confused folks. I wrote about the rush for Halloween costumes in a book about Sarah Palin Impersonators. Las Vegas is famous for Elvis impersonators. Men dressed as Marilyn Monroe have been known to marry tourists at wedding chapels. As girls called me asking to model as Sarah Palin, I heard from a soldier returning from war in Afghanistan. His grandfather had served in the war. His father served. The military family handed their heritage to this boy, who wanted to fight, but was kicked out because he was gay. He called me asking if he could pose for the Sarah Palin book. He wanted to be on the cover. The photo shoot was creative. Viewers of the cover shots can experience the fun for themselves. Photography is a sense of protest? Question, was the time we had fun together as you protested being kicked out of a country you were trying to defend by dressing up as John McCain’s nominee for Vice President? I wrote a book named John McCain’s legacy around that time of the elections. Pity, that title was placed on the book to define a time that I think he will regret. John McCain is a great man, but no one can easily separate themselves from being associated with Sarah Palin. Donald Trump ran for President in 2016. He embraced Sarah Palin to win votes. Trump changed that policy by the end of the week.

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