Pink Shazam, the female model with red flashes bolting through her bangs and down the curls of her hair was a photographer’s dream. Her stunning appearance looked good in each outfit from the custom made Shazam costume we threw together to Super Heroes like Captain America, Catwoman, and Batman’s enemy Poison Ivy. As a photographer also covering the worldwide interest in medical marijuana being legalized in Las Vegas, Nevada, the girl and I doubled down on the photographs with Poison Ivy’s costume to add props for the marijuana magazines. This worked out in a stunning matter, because this female model captured colors so well: Colorful layers of red capes, lightning bolt gold with pink, and a neon pink bra that lined her sides between her shoulders and arms. Extreme beauty is defined by details. The bright, neon pink bra detailing her shaded pink Shazam top outlined the seductive super hero the camera was hoping to capture. She is a remarkable female model that photographed well before we met at NASCAR, Mint 400, racing events and off road chases with a Mad Max theme reminiscent of the Fury Road / Road Warrior genre of movies. Combine the colors. Add details. Notice her face. Her red hair framing her jaw line only to highlight her dark lash covered eyes. Photographers worldwide would be lucky to work with this female model native to Las Vegas as a Nevada local.

Thomas Chee
Publisher, Writer, Photographer

SHAZAM - Page 1


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