Notice Shazam, the model with the bluish purple background behind her? She was a wander globetrotting around the world – Seriously – she had the most incredible adventures. Educated in the best cities, graduated from the best university in her home state, she was smart; Mostly she was smart enough to be bored with the direction of her cycle after chasing her dreams in library study rooms. That Summer, events were taking off in Nevada. Las Vegas was gaining attention as a marijuana type city that would rival Amsterdam in Europe where tourists smoke billions of dollars in weed. Multiply that interest in medical marijuana with a city known for gaming. Combine those multiplied figures with statistics that show how legal recreational marijuana will attract Asia investors, Wall Street investors, European executives, Latin American bankers; Nevada has tax incentives. Showcase the conventions that attract millions of people each year. Count the tickets for tourists that want to see Hollywood celebrities spin music as Disc Jockey DJ’s surrounded by stunning pool parties. Marijuana will be a trillion dollar industry – Multi-trillion dollar industry in Las Vegas, Nevada. The point is that the girl with the blue purple background answered an advertisement on Craigslist classified postings to model for a magazine cover. She modeled for the adventure. She charged me nothing. By the end of the year, the girl touring through Las Vegas on her way to further adventures from San Diego to Vancouver, Canada, was in demand as a female model from Berlin to Paris, France. I hope the opportunities work out for her. She had brilliant plans to live big.

Thomas Chee
Publisher, Novelist, Journalist, Photographer

SHAZAM - Page 3

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