Individuals Covered With Incredible Stories

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The individuals standing at the airport gate to board the plane are covered with incredible stories. Fiction or non, I don’t care if the stories are true or not, but the doubtful critic searching for disbelief will often be shocked by the truth. The girls photographed capture a moment. True, but the stories in between the camera frames that are being shot while riding on a plane, driving between the city streets or simple hanging out in the darkness of nightclub with a girl you just flew with walking off the stage as a completely different person, these moments of transformation are incredible to wrap a brain around, “How does she move like that?” – “Is that the same girl that took photographs with me on the beach where the surfers shower their bodies to get the sand off?” – “She moves like a cat possessed by a snake on the Las Vegas stage, but this morning without makeup, she sipped her coffee the way a single mom waits quietly anticipating the moment her child wakes up to get ready for school. Many of the moms raise their sons and daughters without any assistance. No financial support. No dads. No child support. Nothing. Furthermore, that story is only a paragraph. Their lives are novels full of insight.

Thomas Chee
Book Publisher, Novelist, and Photojournalist

1 - Cover - Dancer USA


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