Las Vegas Flights to Silicon Valley

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The Engineers are actually jet setting with lap dancers without trying to meet. No one is cheating on their wives! That is not what I am saying so that this story can add enough spice to get attention; But any individual flying from San Francisco to Las Vegas will see showgirls at the gate entering the airplane. Strippers live in San Francisco. The girls also have apartments in Las Vegas. Tech giants live in San Francisco. There is also a demand for technicians in Las Vegas. Dancers migrate. Silicon Valley computer coders migrate. I know girls that share apartments to bring the cost down to $2500 rent for one month. I fly often from Las Vegas to San Francisco, Las Vegas to Los Angeles, and occasionally Las Vegas to New York City. The dancers in the nightclubs fly with software engineers, CEO executives, and they become familiar with each other. Imagine seeing each other at the same time every day? Imagine seeing each other at the resorts, nightclubs and casinos a dozen times as friends each week? Relationship are made on the frequency of chance meetings. And the girls are professional communicators. They are trained to charm with speech as well as body language.

Thomas Chee
Publisher, Author, and Photographer

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