Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show

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Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Academy Award nominated actor Chazz Palminteri cut the ribbon at the red carpet to open the Nightclub and Bar Convention and Trade Show. Lines at the casinos are packed. The hotels are full. Iron Chef Cat Cora is showing nightclub owners how to make a restaurant successful. Comedian Ron White is advertising the best spirits to enjoy on a night drinking. If you want to operate a success bar anywhere on the planet, you have to learn how to earn money in Las Vegas at the Nightclub and Bar Convention. Next door inside the gigantic Las Vegas Convention Center was the Pizza Expo. Pizza bakers from around the world meet each year to learn to bake an extraordinary pizza pie with new technology, new ovens, and new ingredients. Leaving now at 8:00 am for day two. No need for coffee with all the new caffeinated drinks the beverage companies are selling on convention floor.

Thomas Chee
Publisher, Author, and Photographer 

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