Marilyn Manson Kills
Marilyn Manson Murders sequel, film one
Movie film screenplay based on Danny Jameson’s novel named MARILYN MANSON KILLS.

* “All actors, musicians and models filming with the cast are from Las Vegas, Nevada.”
** “I only work with filmmakers, musicians and models in Las Vegas, Nevada.”
Thomas Chee

Marilyn Manson Kills is based on the novel by the same name. The novel, Marilyn Manson Kills, is second of three novels known as the Marilyn Manson Trilogy. Written by Thomas Chi, who is also the author of political novels such as “John Ensign’s Extramarital Mistress in Sin City”; “Vote for Stormy Daniels”; “Senator David Vitter’s Porn Star”; “Governor Mark Sanford’s Soul Mate”; and “Selling Sex with Sarah Palin”. Author Thomas Chi began writing the Marilyn Manson books as he searched for information contained in the e-commerce instruction manual, “Studying Marilyn Manson: Groupies, School Violence and Bullying”. His novels are based on true characters caught on tape as he interviewed over 6,000 Manson fans at concerts around the planet.


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