Marilyn Manson – Creating an Antichrist

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Marilyn Manson Trilogy author, Danny Jameson aka Thomas Chi, impersonated a Pentecostal pastor attacking homosexuals in the first book known as Marilyn Manson Murders. Jameson mimicked an assassin for the second book, Marilyn Manson Kills, and masqueraded as a stripper named Jennifer to measure reactions to Manson’s music in the last book of the trilogy known as Confessions of a Christian Porn Star. What started out as a book on the evolution of Rock and Roll became a sociopolitical statement about apocalyptic fears nationwide. Jameson collected over 6,000 video interviews after crossing the United States seven times by car and flew into Ankara, Turkey, where he studied St. John’s Seven Churches associated with Revelations. Jameson inquired answers about the power of MTV, Rolling Stone Magazine and compiled over 48,000 photographs with thousands of videos posted on Google.

Marilyn Manson Trilogy - Creating an Antichrist

Danny Jameson took the camera underground to interview hookers from Halifax to San Francisco sex dungeons. Sundays were spent camping out near Utah’s Temple where he interviewed Salt Lake City tattoo artists selling body piercings to Mormons after they left church. Two intense weeks were spent with a stripper from Baghdad, Iraq, as she lap danced her way across New York. Investigating Manson never stopped as Jameson flew to the Loch Ness Monster Museum in Scotland as well as California’s Emerald Triangle to study drug trafficking connected with Bigfoot sightings. Jameson interviewed ambassadors from Transylvania to find links to vampires. He researched school shootings by seeking answers on Columbine’s campus in Colorado. Trekking was necessary, because Manson’s global popularity has spread across continents; 15,000 screaming fans in Istanbul, sold out concerts in Russia and die hard devotees in Europe.

MARILYN MANSON TRILOGY Marilyn Manson Destroys, ISBN: 1-4196-6732-7 Marilyn Manson Kills, ISBN: 1-4196-4445-9 Marilyn Manson Murders, ISBN: 1-4196-3178-0

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