Wii Play Games West on Rainbow

Wii Play Games West on Rainbow
2350 S Rainbow Blvd #5, Las Vegas, NV 89146

Wii Play Games West on Rainbow is the best. The people working in the store are great with children. Parents enjoy the nice, clean atmosphere. Friendly staff, wonderful role models for young players. The tournaments, famous Pokemon cards, collectibles, cosplay, cards, Wii Play Games is the envy of many stores that wish they could attract such professionals. The place is always exciting.

Strawberry Elementary School Santa Rosa, California

Strawberry Elementary School in Santa Rosa, California

This summer I returned to visit Strawberry Elementary School with fond amazement: Teachers take students on trips to Washington D.C. The science classes are insightful, intellectual, not like anything I have ever seen in New York City, Las Vegas or Santa Barbara, California. How amazing is this treasure in Sonoma County! Each class was as academic as a museum. The teachers specialize by constantly training. They are literally finding new ways to make the students brighter. Brilliance seems to follow every student as the teachers work so hard preparing new ways for them to learn. I interview the teachers, parents surrounding the area and met with various generations of students. I sat down in the classrooms with international visitors. We watched them prepare to make the students smarter. The teachers I met had students that went on to graduate at Harvard University and Stanford University. In Santa Rosa, they prepare young, and find themselves ready for the best university on the planet. The academic interest in the students’ progress is extraordinary. The teachers get the parents energized. I began decades ago with the first students when the school opened. The irony is I remember when the builders were developing the school from the ground up because the houses in the area where as new as the building of Strawberry. We played soccer in a lake of mud nearly forty years ago. Now the grass is fresh, green and lively. As children years ago, we were going to Bennett Valley and Yulupa before Strawberry opened for business. Later I won the Bennett Valley Teachers Award thanks to the excellent leadership of my teacher, role models, because they were the adults I knew as my father was sick with cancer and my mother worked full time as far away as Marinwood near San Rafael. I say that the teachers of Strawberry allowed me to succeed because the events, awards, the care they gave me led to the confidence that helped me in career today. I see that the teachers are even better now with their increased technology, new text books and the trips like that one to Washington D.C. How extraordinary!

Montgomery High School

The journalism career that allowed me to travel around the world writing all began at Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, California. I can be very honest about that statement now that I face fifty years old, because I graduated in 1986, but this summer I returned for a heartfelt reunion with classmates that I had not seen since leaving Montgomery in 1986. The amazing math classes, computer classes, language classes, and the first AP writing class in Santa Rosa, they all began for the students at Montgomery. These teachers with their training allowed me to travel, study at universities nationwide and abroad. My friends from Prague, Ankara, Beijing, all the foreign countries I work in travel to California and visit Montgomery High School, because they want to learn how to build great schools in their country. What is more is that Montgomery keeps getting better every time I return with international visitors; From the journalism department with Adobe Photoshop and InDesign classes to theater near the student parking lot which is the envy of many colleges around the nation. I mean seriously, the Montgomery theater for actors is better than most university theaters for training students Shakespeare, Eugene O’Neill, and David Mamet. The theater is better than those used by actors in Chicago and New York City’s Greenwich Village. Santa Rosa is a treasure – One of the most beautiful cities on the planet with lakes, beaches nearby, San Francisco, Avenue of the Giants, Napa’s wine country culture, yet Montgomery High School is the best high school in Sonoma County, and I know because I tour them all with international visitors. They return to Czech, New York City, and Istanbul, talking about the extraordinary school that prepares students for college. Then there is the shopping mall next door with bookstores, coffee houses, fine clothing boutiques and Boys & Girls Clubs makes Montgomery extra extraordinary. Real world casualness right next door to the school steps. This Summer 2016 when I returned to our high school reunion, Montgomery’s Senior Steps had Egyptian pyramids, French towers, Statue of Liberty, and languages; Chinese characters graced the walls. My visitors were overwhelmed by how brilliant the message of openness to the globe was for them. The hallways were filled with art. Desktop Publishing Classes taught students to publish better than publishing companies in Manhattan, New York City. Student worked together to clean the parking lot and paint murals. The sports fields look green with perfection as the mountains facing the lakes faced east with giant forest trees. No high school has refreshing views like that in Great Plains, Mojave Desert, or towns throughout the planet. Montgomery High is truly miraculous at preparing students for a future in the universe outside Sonoma County.

IKEA Las Vegas

Our friends are new to town. After a birthday party this weekend, they needed furniture so we suggested they travel with us to IKEA. They loved the restaurant as much as as the furniture store. For many people in Las Vegas, IKEA is still new. We shopped at the grocery store area and ate in the restaurant, because the food is so nutrious; cereal, crackers, salmon. New folks always move to Las Vegas, espeicially when the winter weather hits Colorado, Utah, all the way up to Canada. Thousands of new people buy homes in November or move to Las Vegas because of our amazing winter weather. If you have time, take your new friends to IKEA for children, children’s toys, day care while you shop, excellent, delicious food and furniture.

Donut Bar Las Vegas

Donut Bar Las Vegas has the Best Donuts in the World. As you can see from the photograph I took at the cash register, the donut I ate today was larger than my enter hand before I bit into it – That is one single donut. The customer service is excellent. They help out children with questions about flavors, tastes, and textures. All the customers are happy. There was a line before I entered and a line after I left. They made the eleven o’clock evening news days before the festival in Las Vegas named Life is Beautiful. They are always making the news, because each day a new customer finds a donut they have been waiting to eat all their life.

Donut Bar
124 S 6th Street Las Vegas, NV 89101
Downtown Las Vegas


Cafe de la Presse

Ambassadors from the International Diplomatic Council, diplomats from Germany and France, university professors visiting from China, all asked me to meet them here inside Cafe de la Presse in the Nineties at the entry gate to Chinatown on Grant Avenue. Cafe de la Presse may be the most famous international cafe east of Van Ness Avenue. Special thanks to Art Nussbaum who used to take me to Cafe de la Presse. I think he enjoyed the Grant Avenue bistro because of their marvelous French Onion Soup with the thick cheese that melted across the top of the soup broth. Art was a leader with the International Diplomatic Council. He was a terrific teacher, who took all his students to Cafe de la Presse even after he had trouble walking. The avenues get steep around Cafe de la Presse as you climb up toward California Street into Chinatown’s Boulevard of boutiques.

City Lights Bookstore and Publisher

As a young teen, my little brother and I would spend hours each week at City Lights Bookstore. While living in the Northern California town of Santa Rosa, my brother would beg me to take him to City Lights on the weekend to find fascinating books for class reviews, reports, and high school assignments while he attended Montgomery High School. City Lights inspired us. City Lights had all the answers to our literary questions long before we knew of Poe, Wilde, Kerouac, and Leo Tolstoy. City Lights made us want to read. The books introduced us to the authors. So we drove three hours to San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge in traffic only to return to Santa Rosa on a busy Sunday in holiday traffic along the hectic Highway 101 for one simple reason – City Lights. Sound crazy? My brother was an intense student! Now decades later, I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, but take my friends, visiting relatives, and young eight year old son to City Lights upon entering the City of San Francisco to inspire him to read. As soon as we fly in, we drive to the corner of Columbus and Broadway to learn about the writer, publishers, respect the publisher’s journey, find out about journalists, new book writers, and to learn as T.S. Eliot reminded us in his essay Tradition and the Individual Talent, “Someone said: The dead writers are remote from us because we know so much more than they did. Precisely, and they are what we know.” T.S. Eliot insisted the dead writers are that which we know. But how would we be introduced to them if not for the founders of special places like City Lights? I can speak for myself, I would know nothing if it was not for the inspiration of bookstores like City Lights in San Francisco. Those books energized us. The authors became our mentors. Lessons learned are that which I know because City Lights taught me so much. Each time I visit the San Francisco landmark, I come away with an important light. I wish, I hope, my eight year old boy learns lessons from City Lights. I hope when we visit from Las Vegas he always comes away with something from City Lights visits the way his uncle and father came away with important literary inspirations.

Caffe Sapore

The food, sandwiches, quiche pie, bagel dog, salmon, all the tastes were fabulous, especially since we were only in San Francisco for three hours. Our family went directly to Lombard’s crooked street in the world, where we found Caffe Sapore on Lombard Street. We stopped and enjoyed the peace, fine fresh dishes baked, smell of the quiche, the short stay made our day in San Francisco, California. Thank you Caffe Sapore.

Life is Beautiful with Naked Donald Trump

Life is Beautiful with Naked Donald Trump
Update: Friday, September 23, 2016

Donald Trump statue destroyed. This morning on the way to the office, stopped at Donut Bar, and the statue was torn at the feet. Glad I got the last photographs of the naked Donald Trump statue.

Thursday, September 22, 2016
Outside the Las Vegas Life is Beautiful Festival, dozens gathered this morning, after artists brought the Naked Donald Trump statue from San Francisco to the ticket entrance at the John E. Carson Hotel on the corner of Carson near Las Vegas Boulevard and Fremont Street. Special warning, there is no parking in the area. The streets are closed off for Life is Beautiful. Next to the Donut Bar, packed with tourists in town for the party, you can dine on the famously sweet donuts with Donald as you prepare to enter Life is Beautiful.

Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas, NV

Life Is Beautiful is an annual music, culinary, art, and learning festival held in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. Life Is Beautiful is a company that creates and supports certain programs, initiatives, and live events. Its main event is the festival.