Las Vegas Secret Pizza @ Cosmopolitan

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Last week, New York Firefighters retired in Las Vegas were talking about the best New York pizza in Las Vegas while planning a Sept. 11 Event. Many NYFD insisted, “We drive and wait in line for the Sicilian pizza in a hole in the wall at Cosmopolitan outside of Marquee.” Wait? Stand in line? Deal with traffic along Las Vegas Strip? The firefighters insisted the pizza at Secret Pizza was the best at the same level as Bambino’s Pizzeria in Summerlin. There was even a little dispute. Cosmopolitan or Summerlin? I went directly to Marquee on Saturday night. The line was 45 minutes for a slice. Plus there were guys and girls standing in line from Texas, people approaching me in Marquee asking me about the pizza, and there were other restaurants like Egg Slut, Wicked Spoon, still diners wait almost an hour for a slice from Cosmo’s Secret Pizza. Two customers said the quality of the cheese and toppings – Large, round slices of pepperoni, salami, sausage, thick mushrooms covering the top so you cannot see the cheese or white – The entire top of the mushroom slices were mushrooms. These people had money. Marquee is not cheap. Yet they stood in line for Secret Pizza. These customers gambled tens of thousands of dollars, there are dozens of restaurants with award winning chefs, but the chefs leave their restaurants to eat at Secret Pizza. Secret Pizza is an adventure. Each slice you taste becomes party of the Las Vegas experience as if Hunter S. Thompson ate inside while writing his famous novel, “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. Go to eat at Secret Pizza when you visit the Las Vegas Strip, especially if you dance at Marquee Day or Night. 

Las Vegas Secret Pizza @ Cosmopolitan 

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