Super Hero Day for Families at Container Park & Kappa Toys

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Super Hero Day for Families at Container Park & Kappa Toys
Wide smiles everywhere you looked at Container Park today. Parents poured in. Toddlers, Spider Man, little tiny Wonder Woman’s, sugar candy popcorn, BBQ, we arrived early to set up, but the toy store KAPPA helped entertain the children with stories of Pokemon, Star Trek, they had blocks for learning Hebrew, German, Ukrainian, Russian, music boxes, Super Man and Spider Man posed for babies in strollers. Baby Thor and Batman ran around the play ground. Downtown was Heaven for the Children This Labor Day Weekend. The Children Loved Super Hero Day.

What a surprise, the best toy store in Las Vegas. We found Kappa on Super Hero Day in the Downtown Container Park. The girl working mesmerized the children with stories about Pokemon, games, toys, and they had magical music boxes and language blocks, science experiments and vintage toys. All the children were amazing. I have never seen a toy store like Kappa in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Downtown Container Park
707 Freemont Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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