Krush, the customer service, excellent. The cocktail waitresses excellent. The dancers were unbelievable. The hosts gorgeous. The music fantastic. Thank you to everyone on the dance floor. Your combined energy made our party such a blessing – We had the best time drinking and dancing at Krush. We arrived late with a birthday boy turning 21 years old and you took care of us like no other club with buckets of champagne, vodka, drinks, cranberry juice, pineapple, music, we had our own private cocktail waitresses with a dancer on the stage next to us. The dancers were sweet. They took photos with all of us during their break. Seductive lyrics, great moves, excellent music: Thank you to the amazing team at Krush for the best party Labor Day Weekend 2016. I would return every week if I could. Each person I spoke to felt the same way. They all agreed that we had the best time dancing with our party at Krush.

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