Marquee at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

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Marquee is the best club in Las Vegas as I write these words on Monday following Labor Day Weekend 2016 and that is not simply my opinion. More than 300,000 tourists came to Las Vegas this Labor Day Weekend 2016. The line for pizza alone outside Marquee was an hour because the nightclub was packed with tourists. Local Las Vegas friends planned a party for their friend’s birthday Saturday. Every single person, even those who could not make the birthday party agreed, “The party has to be at Marquee!” My friend’s corporation holds one large event each year in Las Vegas and pick Cosmo because every employee loves Marquee. Lawyers I work with in Union Square San Francisco have their big events at Cosmo because of Marquee. Ladies from Houston, Texas to Southern California, all wish to have their Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas at Marquee.  The restaurants inside Cosmo keep getting better. New York Firefighters relocated to Las Vegas search for the best pizza in town and they have picked Secret Pizza outside of Marquee. The former Brooklyn and Manhattan firefighters drive into traffic along the Las Vegas Strip to eat East Coast New York styled pizza by the slice outside of Marquee at the Cosmopolitan. The world is speaking. International tourists are talking about one nightclub with a day pool for swimming in Las Vegas, Nevada, and their advice is centering on Marquee at the best place to visit when hoping for an amazing adventure in Las Vegas, Nevada. The club has many atmospheres with various creative, artists, styles. The music is extraordinary. The views are breathtaking. Photographers become obsessed with every turn of the lens. The security is tight, professional, and tourists know they are surrounded by the best protection. The dealers at the card tables look as if they have just walked off a modeling runway in Milan, Italy. The cocktail waitresses and bartenders are gorgeous. The swimming pool looks crystal. Hot tubs, champagne, penthouse view of Las Vegas Boulevard, all while dancing, swimming and drinking under a full moon in the evening or a hot sun during the day.

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