Late at night, my family, especially the kids, are still eating Kneaders blueberry muffin tops with a hint of lemon across the glaze, the muffins are still in great demand from this morning. Kneaders served breakfast at a meeting with business executives. They served up sweet breads with carrot, blueberries, walnut, then the ham and bacon with egg croissant sandwiches, and of course, blueberry lemon muffin tops at the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce morning meeting. I immediately asked for the address off Hwy 95 and Craig Road next to the McDonalds over the overpass, because I drove to their new bakery as soon as the Chambers meeting finished and bought muffins, sourdough and cakes for my family. The line was gaining ground as 10 am approached. It seems like the bakery has a fan following from Utah. People from Utah in the line window shopping for flavors that moved to Las Vegas know and love Kneaders. You could hear them talking. The place is very comfortable. Great that Kneaders has a drive thru as well so that customers can be served fresh baked bread fresh without even leaving their vehicles with a quick way to dine on quality. We are returning later in the week for their famous bread bowl filled with soup. Seemed like they had half a dozen different soups ready to be served.

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