After years in Las Vegas, a publisher and I went to City Hall for a business seminar. Every city leader said, “Join the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.” We waited. A few years later, I went to another City Hall meeting. At the event, the leaders insisted, “Join successful businesses in Las Vegas. Network. Join the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. Our corporation joined. Many executives started to go to events. We even work out with members at the Las Vegas Athletic Club now on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We talk about the industry. We discuss business. We work together. Find insurance agents, managers, real estate developers; the last meeting we went to this week with the Chamber was at the Golden Nugget Casino was amazing. The food delicious. Senators, Congress members, City Hall leaders, Clark County Commissioners, each time I go to an event with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce our business grows. The benefits are extraordinary. You have to join the Metro Chamber of Commerce if you already have not.

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