Desert Wind Coffee Roasters on Sahara

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Desert Wind Coffee Roasters sends coffee to local United States troops and soldiers fighting overseas. They post photos of the soldiers on their walls next to American flags. The Las Vegas soldiers call in orders to the coffee shop owners. The lovely couple wraps, ships and mails the coffee to the Middle East, United Arab Emirates, and into war areas – The owners take the time to send “care packages” to local soldiers serving in Iraq. I pulled out my camera and began interviewing the owners. Then I asked around the room to interested patrons. Loyal customers speak volumes about the amazing couple that seems to welcome each person into their coffee house as if welcoming them into their home. Plus their coffee house home is large, so friends mingle, read, prepare for work and students study for school. The irony for me was literary. Friends have been telling me to visit Desert Wind Coffee for months in Summerlin, but the first day I walked inside, an extremely large photograph of Leo Tolstoy, writer of War and Peace, his photograph was standing on the wall as soon as I walked in. Tolstoy is so brilliant in my eyes that I named my first born son after the author. Authors, writers, book lovers, the entire place is out of a Hemingway novel like his Paris story written in Movable Feast about Fitzgerald in French cities like Lyon.

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