Ambassadors from the International Diplomatic Council, diplomats from Germany and France, university professors visiting from China, all asked me to meet them here inside Cafe de la Presse in the Nineties at the entry gate to Chinatown on Grant Avenue. Cafe de la Presse may be the most famous international cafe east of Van Ness Avenue. Special thanks to Art Nussbaum who used to take me to Cafe de la Presse. I think he enjoyed the Grant Avenue bistro because of their marvelous French Onion Soup with the thick cheese that melted across the top of the soup broth. Art was a leader with the International Diplomatic Council. He was a terrific teacher, who took all his students to Cafe de la Presse even after he had trouble walking. The avenues get steep around Cafe de la Presse as you climb up toward California Street into Chinatown’s Boulevard of boutiques.

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