Strawberry Elementary School Santa Rosa, California

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Strawberry Elementary School in Santa Rosa, California

This summer I returned to visit Strawberry Elementary School with fond amazement: Teachers take students on trips to Washington D.C. The science classes are insightful, intellectual, not like anything I have ever seen in New York City, Las Vegas or Santa Barbara, California. How amazing is this treasure in Sonoma County! Each class was as academic as a museum. The teachers specialize by constantly training. They are literally finding new ways to make the students brighter. Brilliance seems to follow every student as the teachers work so hard preparing new ways for them to learn. I interview the teachers, parents surrounding the area and met with various generations of students. I sat down in the classrooms with international visitors. We watched them prepare to make the students smarter. The teachers I met had students that went on to graduate at Harvard University and Stanford University. In Santa Rosa, they prepare young, and find themselves ready for the best university on the planet. The academic interest in the students’ progress is extraordinary. The teachers get the parents energized. I began decades ago with the first students when the school opened. The irony is I remember when the builders were developing the school from the ground up because the houses in the area where as new as the building of Strawberry. We played soccer in a lake of mud nearly forty years ago. Now the grass is fresh, green and lively. As children years ago, we were going to Bennett Valley and Yulupa before Strawberry opened for business. Later I won the Bennett Valley Teachers Award thanks to the excellent leadership of my teacher, role models, because they were the adults I knew as my father was sick with cancer and my mother worked full time as far away as Marinwood near San Rafael. I say that the teachers of Strawberry allowed me to succeed because the events, awards, the care they gave me led to the confidence that helped me in career today. I see that the teachers are even better now with their increased technology, new text books and the trips like that one to Washington D.C. How extraordinary!

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