Greenland is precious, especially for families that wish for quality food prepared to take home or travel with. I say travel, because we stop at Greenland for their prepared food before taking off in the car to travel. The vegetables are crispy fresh, especially the cucumber with red pepper prepared by chefs. Try to Golden Apple Pears that taste like a slice of pear and crisp apple with every bite. The fish is fresh with packages for making seafood stew at home with boiling water. My son would shop at Greenland everyday for the banana milk, cookies and rice cakes, but we have to drive across town near the university. After 8 PM, Greenland has specials on prices. When our family first moved to Las Vegas, our family drove five hours west to Western and Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles, California for good Korean food at the Korean grocery store. Then developers started to design Greenland Korean Grocery Store. There was nothing but dirt for motorcycles. Now we have restaurants, fresh fruit, those golden apple pears, and the best chefs preparing all the dishes to take home. Thank you for bringing such great flavors to the community. Glad you are open late. We take all of our friends from work to Greenland to introduce them to the new tastes so that they can return to shop on the weekends. The soups with the tofu, seafood and vegetables are also amazing. Very adventurous selection of noodles. Not only Korean, but all cultures. Not only ramen, but buckwheat, black bean, cold noodles with Green Tea, cucumber, red pepper spices. There are also amazing restaurants. Next door is Lee’s Korean BBQ, now the best Korean barbecue restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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