Juice Bar at Las Vegas Athletic Club

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The Las Vegas Athletic Club in Green Valley inspires you to work out, but also to relax. They have an amazing juice bar with restaurants outside like Sunrise, Pho Vietnamese noodles, my son likes the frozen yogurt place, but also the staff is excellent. From the time you walk in the front door to the children’s play area, the staff at the LVAC Green Valley is helpful, friendly and kind. They keep the place very clean. Night and day, 3 AM, 4 AM or 12 noon, the Green Valley location has a lot of customers, because the gym has a sense of sophistication with fitness. There are body builders that take working out very seriously as well as fitness instructors, yoga teachers, trainers, and everybody takes the classes very seriously. I heard stories from the Chamber of Commerce about the excellent swim classes or swim fitness aerobic classes, but I have yet to take a swim class. Still I heard from the Chamber that people line up for this special swim class in the large pools that they have in Green Valley.

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