Homemade steak pies, gravy coated meats in peas, mashed, whipped potatoes, and the steak fries, I would like to give a special thanks to our server at the Pub, he realized that my son wanted steak fries instead of mashed potatoes and brought out a few for his to munch on with ketchup – He really understood kids, ketchup and fries, because the kid was hungry from walking around First Friday on October 7th’s event, but I told him, “This is a nice restaurant and good food takes a long time to make.” The Crown Pub proved me right, because the steak and mushrooms with gravy was fabulous. My son could not get enough of the steak, mushrooms with mashed potatoes and green peas. All the seats around us were packed with happy customers. We didn’t go into the pub because of my young kid, but the crowd seem to be enjoying the drinks and drink specials with the billiard, pool table, outdoor patio with DJ, and the Halloween themes. Downtown Crown Pub made the Las Vegas First Friday that much more enjoyable. What a fun time in the Arts Factory right next door. Hundreds of artists, crafts, galleries, but Crown Pub is the place to eat.

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