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Hunter S. Thompson Library, Stadium, Golf Course, 80th Birthday

Hunter S. Thompson’s 80th Birthday will be celebrated in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hunter has been an important part of my life since college. I worked at a nightclub where he wrote Night Manager. As I grew, I studied Hunter in Las Vegas, Aspen, and last summer approached Council members at Las Vegas City Hall about a Proclamation for Hunter S. Thompson Day in combination with a weekend event dedicated to Hunter S. Thompson’s 80th Birthday. In recent months, I have asked the leaders of Las Vegas City Government, Clark County Commissioners, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Governor Brian Sandoval and Mark Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders to build a stadium in combination with a library for children to study Math and Chemistry in honor of Hunter S. Thompson for all Hunter has done to promote Las Vegas, Nevada as an adventure and experience. The money will be used to build the Hunter S. Thompson Stadium for the NFL football team. The stadium with serve multiple uses as a library and test laboratory for high tech engineering including drones, self-driving cars, hoverboards, solar energy, wind turbines, and 3D holograms for viewing games and events worldwide from the Hunter S. Thompson Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada.

My name is Thomas Chee, Government Affairs for LV.Net High Speed Internet. I hope to raise the money for Hunter S. Thompson’s 80th Birthday on July 18, 2017. Nevada’s children have many educational challenges. The schools need help. Hunter S. Thompson’s stadium, library, and learning laboratory will give children and families an economic advantage in an area struggling with education in downtown Las Vegas near Cashman Field on Las Vegas Boulevard and East Washington Avenue. The money for this campaign will redefine a high tech education for the children of Las Vegas as the stadium brings joy to international visitors around the globe.

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