Flemings Steakhouse is the best restaurant in Las Vegas. And that is not simply my review, but during election year, when top Nevada leaders wanted to win people over, they held their fundraisers, functions, and events at Flemings Steakhouse. When asked at meetings, “Where is the best restaurant in town?” The majority answered Flemings. November is my wedding anniversary. The only place I could take my wife is Flemings, because the anniversary dinner had to be the best. The service was extraordinary. The manager gave my wife gifts at the end of our meal, a box of chocolate truffles, gift cards, hot chocolate lava cake, and the dishes were spectacular. SEMA Auto Show was in town. Many of the business leaders visiting Las Vegas for the SEMA tradeshow were eating around us, because they wanted to eat at the best restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada. Leaders know that if you want to make a good impression, you dine at Flemings Steakhouse.

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