Siena Italian Authentic Trattoria and Deli Summerlin Las Vegas


Siena Italian Authentic Trattoria and Deli Summerlin Las Vegas 
Village Square, 9500 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Friends in Summerlin constantly share stories of the best restaurants in Summerlin. We hike and they name all the restaurants they eat at. All those restaurant reviews included Siena – The name for the Italian restaurant continues to come up in conversation for their dishes. From the drivers of the Cadillac car clubs that meet at Village Center to City Hall spokespeople who walk the trails of Red Rock outside Charleston on the weekends, everyone including the Las Vegas fire fighters state, “Siena Italian Trattoria has the best pizza. Their pasta sauces have the most flavor. Siena makes their own pasta – Homemade pasta. Siena has a deli next to the restaurant.” Christmas Eve after a long day starting in the early morning, we found ourselves near Rabbi Wyne’s synagogue to give him a Hanukkah present, and directly across the street was the famous Siena restaurant we have heard about for months. So we literally walked over, which is great about Summerlin, it is one of the few communities in Las Vegas where people can actually walk from the library to the restaurant, from the deli to the grocery store. The most unique restaurant with a terrific wine menu, Siena’s deli has smoked meats, grilled meat cutlets breaded, pasta salads, gelato ice creams, fresh baked breads, Italian cookies. The restaurant served up seafood linguine homemade with a white cheese Alfredo sauce combined with steamed lobster, scallops, abalone, clams and grilled shrimp with shaved green onion that added such a nice touch to the white dish as well as taste. Honestly the texture of the linguine was perfect. The chef did a great job. The service was also extraordinary. Many people waited on us. Our table constantly had fresh olive sauces for dipping with new loaves of baked bread brought to our table. After hearing so much about the pastas from friends, we also ordered the hand stuffed rigatoni. Rigatoni rolls stuffed with shrimp and mushrooms into the pasta rolls. The light golden sauce reminded me to the tomato cream for Penne a la Vodka, but had brandy added which tasted different from other tomato sauces. 

Turmeric Flavors of India Las Vegas

Turmeric Flavors of India Las Vegas
700 E. Fremont Street, Su #A, Las Vegas, NV 89101

The platter for two with an assortment of flavors comes highly recommended with the grilled shrimp, roasted lamb, salmon in combination with the beef curry platter. The atmosphere is colorful.Purple lights, blue bulbs, centered around the salad dishes with spinach and yogurt styled sauces with dips. The spices still stick in my memory. The taste will probably last all night. The flavors were strong. We had to ask about the flavors because of the combinations. Downtown DTLV, which is nice for waltzing around Fremont Street Experience. Right across the street from El Cortez Casino, Founded by Bugsy Siegel and across from the Downtown Container Park on Fremont Street, where we bought tiny, unique music boxes at Kappa Toys for our friends. Turmeric has a large dining room fit for comfort that we would not have found near Kappa Toys inside the Container Park. Turmeric is a nice comfortable restaurant across the street from Container Park. The restaurant also has rooftop dining, which we would have enjoyed on a hot day in summer. Try the platter combining the flavors if you want to try a little of every taste, because the dishes were broad. The menu is diverse. 

Rabbi Yitz Wyne Las Vegas City Hall


Rabbi Yitz Wyne is such an amazing inspiration. I am not Jewish, but I first heard Rabbi Wyne teach at City Hall downtown, then continued to hear him lecture at City Hall. Those lessons led me to the Internet where I heard Rabbi Yitz Wyne’s messages on his channel. Now I introduce him to my corporate President, coworkers, and friends, especially his lectures.

The Barrymore Las Vegas

Sophisticated Las Vegas styled vintage supper club, The famous Barrymore is a class act. The veteran who plays the piano won a proclamation from the City of Las Vegas since he taught Frank Sinatra how to play the piano. He now plays hits at night in the lobby at Barrymore. Diners listen to the best music in a royal room. The atmosphere is stunning. Fit for leaders, the fantastic diner servers and bartender treat diners as if they are aristocrats. Right down the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center, Piero’s, and Tacos del Gordo. Across from the Peppermill, if you want to dine like an aristocrat, eat where the early mafia leaders in Las Vegas ate while these bosses were being the city in the early days of Nevada.

Italian American Club

Italian American Club, enjoy listening to the amazing voice of this fabulous singer as you and your family dine with the best Italian chefs in Las Vegas. She was breathtaking. Her songs rich with music. The food is great. We have our corporate holiday parties at the club, because the dishes on the menu are divine, especially the pasta and seafood. Try the meatballs with pasta as well.

Donate to Veterans Village Las Vegas

Donate to the Veterans Village in Las Vegas, Nevada to help homeless veterans this holiday season, especially with the wet, cold, freezing weather – Donate today to save homeless veterans helped by Arnold Stalk, builder of the Veterans Villages in Las Vegas.
Veterans Village
Address: 1150 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone: (702) 222-1680
Donate at website:
Las Vegas heroes work with Nevada leaders at City Hall to end homelessness by providing housing for all veterans returning to America after serving our nation. Las Vegas leaders Arnold Stalk, Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Congresswoman Dina Titus, Councilman Bob Coffin, Councilman Stavros Anthony, so many people care in town that they helped build Veterans Village as a dedicated solution to the creation of an environment that is home for United States Veterans. Arnold is truly amazing. Their stories are inspiring. I have been covering this story for months since the ceremony at Symphony Park, but the housing off Fremont Street near Charleston was absolutely brilliant. I took pictures of the rooms. No more living on the streets. Housing is available in Las Vegas, Nevada thanks to Arnold, Mayor Goodman and her Council at City Hall.

Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Hard Rock is off the Las Vegas Strip, close to the airport, especially if you like a good breakfast before your flight at Mr. Lucky’s, across the street from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas – Tourists visiting Las Vegas have to enjoy Hard Rock, especially the swimming pool at Rehab which was made for a TV reality show that highlighted the fun times Las Vegas offers that no other city on the globe offers. Mr. Lucky’s is an excellent place that stylizes the glam rock rebellion of Las Vegas with delicious dishes. Take your friends to Hard Rock, especially Mr. Lucky’s. See you at the tradeshows starting in January. The expos are almost as amazing at the rock concerts held inside the casino’s venue known as The Joint. Watch your favorite band at the Hard Rock Las Vegas. Thank you for an amazing breakfast at Mr. Lucky’s. The service was excellent. The dishes delicious.


Hanukkah Grand Menorah at Venetian Las Vegas



Hanukkah Grand Menorah at Venetian Las Vegas

Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Nice visiting all the holiday decorations, gorgeous casino, we visited the Venetian Hanukkah Grand Menorah tonight. My son and I are walking around the Las Vegas Strip taking pictures when we found the Las Vegas Strip Grand Menorah on the banks of the Venetian near the gondola sailors navigating their boats.
Venetian Resort and Casino
Las Vegas Boulevard
December 23, 2016

Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts

Thank you again Jo-Ann’s for helping us design our Christmas and Hanukkah gifts. Last year we bought those special candles, but this year you ran out, so the staff helped us discover the new uses of glue sticks. My son and I are making homemade Christmas and Hanukkah gifts for our friends before the festivities tomorrow and into the week. Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts next to the Costco in Henderson at 651 Marks is helpful. Each year the staff helps us with finding fabrics, blue glue sticks, candles and elaborate buttons. Check out the events in Las Vegas in front of the Venetian and Downtown Fremont Street.