Benihana Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall 2016 Best Japanese Sushi Las Vegas

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Benihana Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall 2016 Best Japanese Sushi Las Vegas

The highest quality steak and seafood combined with sushi near Wynn casino and Treasure Island with outdoor seating next to the fashion show shopping mall, how can you get better dining than that on the Strip along Las Vegas Boulevard? As soon as the doors opened, tourists visiting Las Vegas for the NFR 2016 began pouring in after shopping inside the Fashion Mall. The tables were filled around the grills before noon after they only opened at 11 am. The chef and waitresses were friendly, personable, extremely helpful at explaining the menu, which had excellent prices, especially for lunch. The prices were so good that they surprised me, because the interior is fancy, sitting across from the Wynn Casino that you can see looking out the window, my expectations were for a high price menu, but the prices were excellent, and they had a children’s menu for my boy: Appetizers, soups, salad, chicken fried rice, and combinations with steak and seafood: Lobster, scallops, shrimp, the chef put on an amazing show with an onion volcano flaming on fire, green onions with various sauces decorating beef steak, calamari; We watched the tables around us as their dishes were prepared with lobster. Plus the menu promoted a sushi boat. Ginger mushroom soup was served. The highlight for visitors is the location with views, especially if you want to stay on the Strip and not leave Las Vegas Boulevard. Enjoy Benihana as your children visit Santa Claus next to the Apple Store inside. Coffee lovers will be pleased, because there is a Starbucks Coffee right next door so you can continue your trip walking down the Las Vegas Strip. 
Publisher, Thomas Chee
Las Vegas Strip Sushi
Fashion Show Mall
Address is located outside the Fashion Mall across from the Wynn Casino at 
3200 Las Vegas Boulevard, Suite 1250, Las Vegas, NV 89109
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