Eclipse Theater Las Vegas Mayor Goodman 2016

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Sophistication was the overwhelming word I heard used to describe the term individuals were searching for when they were asked what they thought of the Eclipse Theater today as Mayor Carolyn Goodman cut the blue ribbon at the theaters Grand Opening on Third Street with Councilman Bob Coffin. The dishes were amazing. The finger food served in the plush, luxurious reclining seats, showcasing the audiences ability to relax, watch a film in comfort, all while dining on fine food, wine, beer and cocktails. Imagine, as you sit to enjoy your movie, you are served appetizers with a wine menu prepared by an expert. The former chef of Symphony Park, Robert Neese, has left the Smith Center to prepared the divine dishes at Eclipse Theaters with organic hummus, buffalo chicken served on fresh baked crackers with sauces, and dishes with lobster, steak, at a movie theater for watching films right before the preview of new holiday movies that start in December. In fact, at today’s grand opening, Eclipse began the pre-sale of tickets for the new Star Wars film called Rogue One. Parking is available by valet in an underground structure near the lobby. Elevators or stairs welcome guests into a atrium cocktail lounge with a penthouse themed view of Las Vegas, downtown, City Hall and the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino. The location highlights the development in the area. Everything is easily in walking distance: The Pawn Shop on the History Channel Gold and Silver, Proteins and Greens, Le Pho and of course, City Hall. Hours after leaving, my friends and I walked to Le Pho to dine on Vietnamese noodles and ginger chicken. Couples, hire a baby sitter! Parents can now enjoy a theater where men and women can dine and watch a movie in peace without an children, because the movie theater has a policy in place with the cocktails they serve: Twenty one and over only. No one under the age of 21 allows for the nightclub type atmosphere in the atrium: Watch sports on TV above the bar with homemade potato chips or pepper fries. Entree dishes serve pesto with chicken, pulled pork, and short ribs of beef with miniature ice cream cones for desert. People in the crowd kept comparing the space to other theaters in Las Vegas, but I have been to them all, and this was casino style in sophistication. Volumes of time and energy were put into the design. The location makes the theater uniquely Las Vegas in the way that feel while at an impressive gathering at a casino operated by Wynn or Adelson. The rooms showing movies are unlike anything in the theaters found in Summerlin, Henderson or especially those in resorts along Boulder Highway. 

There is honestly no other theater experience in Southern Nevada similar to Eclipse, especially for couples, parents, and people over 21 years old who want to enjoy focusing on a new film in peace with a sophisticated settling as if being pampered by a court of the King in Versailles, France. William Randolph Hearst had a personal movie theater along the coast of Pacific California. His estate was known as Hearst Castle. Visitors take tourist of the film venue. Now visitors can enjoy that experience here in Las Vegas at the theater type nightclub lounge experience found at Eclipse.
Publisher, Thomas Chee

814 S 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101

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