Firefly Tapas Dining and Dancing with Art 2016

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Firefly Tapas is the dance experience everyone is talking about at City Hall. Many professional dancers promote Firefly for Latin dancing over the weekend while working downtown around the law offices Monday thru Friday. Friday nights, crowds are invited to dance. Latin Night with fine dining surrounded by art. Last night, our party celebrated downtown at Dinos, Atomic Liquor, but went straight to Firefly Tapas to dine, dance and feel the sophistication of the warm fires burning around us. Firefly had what the other bars lacked – Dining – Eating great food, laughing with cocktails, wine and a menu starting with gazpacho, grilled shrimp ceviche, all with tapas in baked goat cheese, fondue, roasted vegetables with chorizo, asparagus, zucchini, and blue cheese or cream cheese. The scallops baked in garlic butter, the clams served with white wine. At our last party for the night, we were able to relax next to great art or dance with abundant energy. These were experiences we could not have at the other bars we visited Saturday night, well by that time it was Sunday morning; but the champagne was still sparkling next to merguez, lamb spiced sausages, babyback ribs and marinated grilled meat skewers of steak and chicken. Parking in the back or valet.
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