Gravady Trapeze Trampolines Las Vegas

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The children were so bold that watching them play at Gravady was the same as watching super heroes out of the comics fly, jump, leap into the sky. Gravady is a gifted sports complex with an abundant amount of acrobatic fun that I have never seen for children in Las Vegas – Children of all ages – The toddlers amazed me with their acrobatics. The older kids flew through the air, played challenging games of volley ball, and climbed silks, pipes, balanced on beams above colorful foam blocks to catch the children if they fall. The parents didn’t worry because there were plenty of staff working to watch the children as they played. Trampolines, trapeze, car racing next door; The entire complex was extreme – Extremely wonderful – The best birthday party my son has been invited to in Las Vegas, Nevada. The chocolate cake was spectacular.
Gravady, 7350 Prairie Falcon Rd #120, Las Vegas, NV 89128
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