Rise and Shine is right next to the LVAC Summerlin on Flamingo Road and Hwy 215, I have heard stories about the steak specials for breakfast in this place for months since they turned to old Crab Shack into this steak restaurant – The key word is steak – The steak was grilled to perfection combined with fresh leaves of spinach mixed with the Hollandaise covered on a seed bagel with drilled golden Hollandaise Sauce over the bagel, hash brown potatoes, the grilled dish was spectacular. The atmosphere is gorgeous inside, large, high ceilings, colorful, and at 655 AM in this morning before Christmas Eve, there was not only four customers waiting for the doors to open with me, but folks coming into the restaurant to order breakfast to take home to their families. The chef had this special baked “bread in a cup” with cinnamon that my son adored. We had so much food left over between the two of us that we took our breakfast home for lunch and let me remind you, this was the first meal of the day, when my son eats, but he still couldn’t finish all the steak and bagels that came with the extra large giant plate. The service was excellent. In the far corner were baskets of fruit where the waitress squeezed fresh juices for the Las Vegas Athletic Club fans eating after their yoga aerobic classes. These body builders want the best after lifting. The place is a class act for athletes, families, and groups ready to enjoy the day by starting the morning with steak for breakfast.


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