Turmeric Flavors of India Las Vegas
700 E. Fremont Street, Su #A, Las Vegas, NV 89101

The platter for two with an assortment of flavors comes highly recommended with the grilled shrimp, roasted lamb, salmon in combination with the beef curry platter. The atmosphere is colorful.Purple lights, blue bulbs, centered around the salad dishes with spinach and yogurt styled sauces with dips. The spices still stick in my memory. The taste will probably last all night. The flavors were strong. We had to ask about the flavors because of the combinations. Downtown DTLV, which is nice for waltzing around Fremont Street Experience. Right across the street from El Cortez Casino, Founded by Bugsy Siegel and across from the Downtown Container Park on Fremont Street, where we bought tiny, unique music boxes at Kappa Toys for our friends. Turmeric has a large dining room fit for comfort that we would not have found near Kappa Toys inside the Container Park. Turmeric is a nice comfortable restaurant across the street from Container Park. The restaurant also has rooftop dining, which we would have enjoyed on a hot day in summer. Try the platter combining the flavors if you want to try a little of every taste, because the dishes were broad. The menu is diverse. 
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