Wine Country Fitness – Yoga Classes offered at The Hotel Healdsburg in California.
Instructor, Ashley Reed
Fitness Model
The Wine Country is already gorgeous with great restaurants next to giant redwood trees, delicious restaurants, but Sonoma Wine Country also surprised me when I visited for New Years and Christmas with Ashley Reed’s yoga classes in the sophisticated Hotel Healdsburg. The hotel was dazzlingly luxurious already, but groups entered a room near the spa in the morning with yoga mats for Ashley’s class. Her instruction also takes tourists hiking in the mountain trails, wine tasting, cycling all the way to the Russian River, some bicyclists cycle all the way to the Pacific Ocean. She gave us the best advice on restaurants by walking us over to the Dry Creek Kitchen and Dustin Valette’s fine dining restaurant Valette on Center Street. Our friends and I would have never eaten or found Valette’s place if Ashley Reed had not walked us over to Center Street to show us the menu. We were all new to Healdsburg. She knew where the best beaches and trails were located. When traveling to California, especially from the dry desert of Las Vegas, Nevada, take Ashley’s yoga class. Find out about the treasures of Healdsburg, California.

Hash House A Go Go for Breakfast at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade Las Vegas 2017


Hash House A Go Go for Breakfast at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade Las Vegas 2017

Hash House a Go Go is an experience similar to a Las Vegas Show. Tourists have to go inside, but locals love their meals 24 hours a day at Hash House as well. Down the street from City Hall, many of the celebrities that live in Las Vegas can be found eating breakfast with press agents and talent managers inside the Plaza Casino’s Hash House. Mayor Oscar Goodman’s restaurant serving steak is directly above Hash House a Go Go. Today dozens followed us inside from the MLK Day Parade. Hundreds of hungry breakfast folks gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Parade the ended at Fremont Street near the Plaza Casino on Main Street. The plates are giant. The dishes are creative with the perfect taste.

All my visitors to Las Vegas ask to go to Hash House a Go Go after seeing your restaurant on TV, History Channel, Food Channel, Travel Channel, your restaurant has panche, creativity and is truly a Las Vegas institution. Personally I love the meatloaf, especially the way the dish is decorated. My children love the pancakes.



Noble Folk Pies and Ice Cream in Healdsburg California


Noble Folk Pies and Ice Cream in Healdsburg California
116 Matheson St, Healdsburg, CA 9544
Lucky for all the visitors waltzing through downtown Healdsburg on New Years Eve, Noble Folk Pies and Ice Cream was open. Nothing was open: Not the restaurants. Nor the grocery stores. Usually I wouldn’t have walked into a ice cream parlor, but many people were going in and out of the well lit white walled boutique with jams, ice cream sauces and awesome reviews posted on the wall. The boutique was grand. The place called Noble Folk. Creative, unique house baked pies combined with homemade ice cream utilizing mint chocolate mousse served in an oreo cookie pie crust. Custard pies with the taste of butterscotch, pecan pies with bourbon, and the most fabulous mixtures for ice cream; Frosted corn flakes with maple syrup and seasonal pumpkin flavors with added chocolate. I felt so lucky finding the place. I immediately told all my friends about the desserts in Nevada. When I fly with them to the Wine Country, I am going to definitely stop in Healdsburg just to introduce them to the tastes of Noble Folk. Between the spectacular Hotel Healdsburg’s dining experience at Dry Creek Kitchen and the bakery across the courtyard known as the Bakery and Creamery, dining experiences like Noble Folk are giving drivers a reason to pull over off the highway 101 to enjoy fine foods apart from the wine tasting Wine Country experience. Almond with green tea ice cream and the exotic delicious purple yam delight from Japan, tourists cannot get the taste of Noble Folk ice cream out of their memory. 



Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Keolis Driverless Shuttle

Mayor Carolyn Goodman introduces the world to the first self-driving shuttle bus in the United States as the bus is launched to run along Fremont Street Experience to the Downtown Container Park.

ARMA named after Armadillos

The Las Vegas driverless vehicle nicknamed Arma because the shuttle resembles the little animal known as the Armadillos – The ARMA is developed by the Paris-based company Navya. The electric vehicle will be making trips down Fremont Street.

Electric Shuttle Bus with No Driver

Green, No Gas, Fully Electric Vehicle

Keolis Las Vegas is the first self driving shuttle in the United States of America showcasing their first ride in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

Keolis is the largest private sector French transport group. It runs passenger railways, tramways, bus networks, funiculars, trolley buses, and airport services.



Mayor Carolyn Goodman Introduces First Self-Driving Bus in U.S. by Keolis in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Remember to shop at the Container Park, especially Kappa Toys for children. The unique toys are a gift. The Pokemon experts impress all the children. Families love Kappa Toys.

Donut Bar serves free donuts to children on Saturday and Sunday when parents buy a donut. Weekends combine Donut Bar pastries with Pokemon cards at Kappa Toys inside the Container Park.

Hotel Healdsburg 2017

Hotel Healdsburg Holiday Season 2016 – 2017
25 Matheson Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448

Las Vegas has no fog, nothing as enchanting as waking up in the morning surrounded by redwood trees in a magical forest where visitors can almost sense the supernatural fly by of elves riding on fairy wings. Does that sound stupid? Because if you were to leave the sand desert of Nevada only to find yourself waking up in they morning at the Hotel Healdsburg, you would leave northern California transformed. The Hotel Healdsburg is the epicenter. The perfect location across from the town plaza with a variety of fine dining restaurants, walking trails, a steam creeking under a little bridge right outside your door. While travelers ate breakfast on New Years Day, breakfast served from by the famous Chef Charlie Palmer as Palmer’s restaurant Dry Creek Kitchen is practically attached to this hotel. Now if the best chefs, fancy restaurants and gorgeous morning air from the Pacific Ocean don’t impress you, visit the Spa. Private teachers gave yoga classes next to The Spa which had private rooms, art, experts, and all right next to the swimming pool. Walking distance from handmade ice cream at Noble Folk, steps away from boutiques and bookstores like Copperfields, vintage cathedral churches, and the best bakery that pulls drivers off the freeway named the Downtown Bakery and Creamery. Before your exodus from the hotel, waltz over the bridge outside the hotel to a large grocery store to buy food for your trip south to San Francisco or north to Oregon. But if you visit the Hotel Healdsburg remember to follow me for lunch to Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery to take the lamb, salad and pizza or simply stand at the bar and taste wine for free until we head back to the hotel for dinner. I keep mentioning food. This is important to answer. Restaurants surrounded the Hotel Healdsburg as if the luxury hotel were the epicenter of the grand Healdsburg dining experience. Farms, gardens, and dairy cattle surround these restaurants. Imagine each bite form your meal being fresh. As I said, the morning pastries with pleasantries were being brought of out of Chef Charlie Palmer’s restaurant. He wins awards for his plates. You enjoy his meals with your hotel stay. Under the stairs were bicycles for visitors. Unwind with the yoga instructor. She gives private lessons as well. Tutors are available for children learning Math. I kid you not, I met the Math tutor myself in the hotel’s private gym. She teaches Math to children. If you want to get out to hike, there are morning breakfasts at the Downtown Bakery and Creamery before a game of golf, again follow me for lunch at Coppola’s Winery or head down to Korbel Champagne Cellars like I did to buy bottled wedding gifts from their private reserves. I passed Clos du Bois Winery as I left the hotel with a mind on dessert from the eccentric homemade pies at Noble Folk Ice Cream, and again back to the Hotel Healdsburg for dinner at the Dry Creek Kitchen with Chef Charlie Palmer’s excellent chefs preparing each corner of your plate. The teacher I spoke to took me on a short walking tour to other restaurants in the area which have been gaining international awards for their menu. Five minutes from the front lobby, this restaurant called Valette on Center Street was only open for dinner, not lunch when I arrived, but all the restaurant fans worldwide are talking about the chef as if he is the new artists on the culinary scene to recognize. Bring your camera. Your friends won’t believe you had such an experience full of treasure until they see the photographs. Stay at the Hotel Healdsburg, especially if you like to eat the best food prepared at various restaurants in northern California without having to drive your car around each city. Each place is a simple walk from your room if you sleep at the Hotel Healdsburg on your vacation from Las Vegas, Nevada. As I write these words, I want to pick up and move my home to Healdsburg. Majestic, magical, you have to experience the town with your own eyes, but you cannot just pass the town without seeing the boutiques roomed around the courtyard plaza in downtown Healdsburg.

Valette Restaurant
Healdsburg California

Charlie Palmer
Dry Creek Kitchen
Healdsburg California



Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve


Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve
17000 Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446

Minutes west of Korbel Champagne Cellars off the famous River Road connecting the beach to highway 101.

Redwood trees are majestic. Armstrong Grove is hidden away from the highway called River Road that takes cars through God’s Country past the Korbel Champagne Cellars from Highway 101. New York’s Harlem has no trees. Nevada’s casino city in the south has no hiking trails waltzing through redwood trees. Trees hundreds of years old surround each walker traveling through the forest of Armstrong Grove. San Francisco has high mountains filled with cement, apartment made of wood, cables for TV, and electricity. There is nothing so serene than to escape the electricity, especially in the grove that closes at sunset. Friends asked, “Why do they close at sunset?” We were from Las Vegas, a town where nothing closes – ever – especially casinos with chips that fall on green tables with colored numbers sketched out for placing bets. I shared with the friend that I walked with in the green forest filled with ferns, “I think they close at sunset, because the valley gets dark. There are no street lights here. There are no lights at night.” Mentioning the thought of being somewhere that light at night doesn’t penetrate the leaves, branches, dirt floors made of mud next to wood chips, single leaves, and creeks flowing slower than streams unless the rain comes out to create rivers. The forest trails of Armstrong offer walkers a unique experience they will never experience in Los Angeles, El Paso, and Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Wine? Never forget how the wine can intoxicate your surroundings. The redwood forest offers the tallest trees in the world. The City of Guerneville offers the best wine in the world. Korbel has a tasting room minutes way with extraordinary sparkling champague served to kings, presidents and prime ministers. Walkers in the Armstrong jungle can drink the sparkling grape wine for free with names designated to bottles named King’s Reserve only sold on the premises. The wine can be brought on a hike, picnic, along the hike. Buyers cannot buy the wine in Houston, Denver or Memphis. Each bottle is only sold at Korbel. This success makes a visit to Armstrong‘s redwood forest extraordinary. People in Las Vegas should stop along the shores of California to put their feet in the sea. Tourists coming to Vegas should take a trip to the Grand Canyon, especially by helicopter from the tourists corridor. Some strangers call the ideas a Bucket List. Each priority should include a trip down River Road aimed at walking through the redwood trees along Armstrong with a bottle of liquid grapes turned into sparkling champagne they just sampled at Korbel, while on the way to dining at Negri’s in Occidental for lunch. After you dine, drive north for a few minutes until your car hits highway 12 next to a bakery that serves fresh French bread loaves. Turn the car right, head west to the town where Alfred Hitchcock filmed his famous horror movie, The Birds, and enjoy a fresh seafood dinner at Bodega Bay after waltzing across the sands of the beach named after a boy named Doran.



Negri‘s Original Occidental Italian Restaurant
3700 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental, CA 95465
menu restaurant

Occidental is priceless in its privacy. The forests are magical with life, misty fog, green branches with leaves, especially if you fly into the Sonoma airport from the dry, sandy desert of the Mojave surrounding Las Vegas. Monte Rio dazzled the imagination with tales of Bohemian Grove’s secret society. River Road has wineries for tasting fermented grapes. Occidental grabs the attention of every car that drives from River Road to Hwy 12; But what makes the car stop? Passengers insist on stopping their car for the best restaurant serving Italian fine dining north of the Golden Gate Bridge at Negri‘s. For half a century, my family has been aware of the food cooked to perfection at Negri‘s, but this trip after Christmas 2016, I never realized how sophisticated Negri‘s Authentic Italian restaurant is. The food combined with the service made everyone feel like royalty. Each server treats their guests with charm. I felt like an aristocrat dining with a family that ate only fine food. Green lettuce salads, pickled peppers, carrots, anti pasta, cauliflower, perfectly blended minestrone soup served in a bowl beside a basket of fresh bread rolls baked golden brown with a tan. The food is divine. Matched with the view of the restaurant as I sat next to the window, the food became better, truly making Negri‘s the best restaurant north of Marin County where the orange bridge separates San Francisco. Breaded, grilled chicken served in a bed of wine with mushroom sauce on a plate with mashed potatoes. Grilled prawns with angel hair pasta, noodles boiled under the perfect time with white wine, Alfredo cheese and a garlic butter. I bet the butter arrived from a local dairy in Occidental along with the fresh herbs that were garden grown in the surrounding redwood forests. Nothing is better than eating in a valley of redwood trees with hiking trails climbing into high mountains after leaving Las Vegas. There is nothing emerald green south of Carson City to Arizona in the desert of Nevada, but Negri‘s is dynamic with life that makes Negri‘s dishes taste even better. At the bar near the entrance, wine drinkers were served truffled fries, Italian Arborio risotto balls, and entrees of calamari steak. Drink a cocktail with the perfect pizza sauce covered in cheese from a local dairy – Diners are not going to find pizza baked that well in Nevada. I could have stayed in the town of Occidental longer for a weekend, week or longer, especially if that meant eating at Negri‘s twice each day. Remember the seafood brought into Bodega Bay is only minutes away to the west of where you are seated at Negri‘s, so the seafood is fresh. Clams, red snapper, salmon with a variety of pastas and combination of sauces. The town restaurant is famous for apple fritters, but my stomach did not have room for the fritters. Most trips to Occidental for tourists mean simply stopping at Negri‘s for their fritters which is a famous dessert known throughout Sonoma County. Conspiracy theories mix with rumors tell tales of the secret meetings that take place in Bohemian Grove; but the truth is easier to swallow, when tourists realize that the planet’s most powerful leaders surrounded by wealth stop to eat in Occidental so that they can enjoy the same experience you can with the flavors served up at Negri‘s Italian cuisine.

Korbel Champagne Cellars Wine Tasting Guerneville, CA 2017

Korbel Champagne Cellars Wine Tasting Guerneville, CA 2017
13250 River Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446

Excellent tasting the prime wine served only at Korbel titled King’s Reserve. I traveled all the way down River Road to Korbel to find champagne for a wedding only to end up buying red wine cabaret in the redwood forests of Guerneville. Remember to take the tour of their cellars when visiting Sonoma County Wine Country in Northern California. The Czechs are famous for brewing sparkling wines. I lived in Prague, where the Czechs took great pride in visiting the Korbel brother’s champagne cellars. Washington DC served Korbel exclusively as the wine of choice for six Presidential inaugurations. Many of the best wines were limited edition so you cannot buy them in Las Vegas, Houston or New York City. You have to buy the bottles at the Korbel cellars. For example, The King’s Reserve. The wine is true perfection. The treasure never leaves the property unless you walk into the Korbel treasury.
Chardonnay white wine began growing in the Burgundy region of France. The white wine is known as White Burgundy. Chardonnay is an important ingredient in California sparkling wines especially the Korbel Champagne.
Korbel Champagne Cellars is a winery based in Guerneville, California.
North from the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge, drive past Santa Rosa to River Road. Turn west on River Road toward as you drive towards the Pacific ocean.
The Korbel Deli next to the tasting room for champagne as specialty sandwiches with fresh dairy cheeses bought from dairy farms in the area of forests and gardens. Fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, sales, pastries and baked breads prepared daily. You can buy your wine with a basket full of amazing epicurean treats and drive west to the ocean or stop along the redwood trees.


Francis Ford Coppola Winery and Restaurant

Francis Ford Coppola Winery
300 Via Archimedes, Geyserville, CA 95441
Date : New Years Eve 2016 Entering The New Year 2017
Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery in Geyserville was a stunning surprise. There is nothing better than the element of surprise, especially while on vacation from the hectic holidays in Las Vegas, Nevada, but while writing a story in Cloverdale, California, I drove through the Wine Country roads to find Coppola’s brand bottled. In the beginning, I was not interested in visiting another winery. I am so happy that I stopped. Francis Ford Coppola’s winery has a museum, swimming pool, upstairs bar, outside patio, and extraordinary restaurant. The bartender and waitresses were wonderful. Customers crowded around inside from China, Japan, Houston, and the energy of their enthusiasm was exciting to be apart of as we shared camera phones to take photos of one another on New Years Eve in the redwood forests of Northern California. My neighbors at the bar ordered pizza baked in a brick oven. Pasta was being passed around with fresh bread rolls that resembled donuts without the sugary taste. The dish that delighted me was a special made my Coppola’s mother: Chicken pressed under a brick and fried in olive oil with broccoli and baby carrots harvested from the estate garden named Chicken Mattone. The bartenders said the dish was his favorite as tourists shared stories while dining on rack of lamb, Polynesian spare ribs, and rigatoni in an astonishing sauce full of beef, veal, raisins and pine nuts. Each dish had a story. Francis Coppola wrote about his mother on the menu as well as family members like Uncle Mikey’s favorite sausage sandwich. He is a great storyteller. The rustic restaurant sold olive oil used in the dishes to fry the french zucchini. Views were spectacular from the restaurant. Tourists stopped to ask for a picture as I walked back to the parking lot. Every person who entered wanted to remember their experience, especially when visiting the movie collection from Francis Ford Coppola’s hit films concerning Dracula, Apocalypse Now, Tucker, The Godfather, and Sofia Coppola’s movie Marie Antoinette. Imagine all this great food served with a view from the walled windows as you indulge in the best wines served in the tasting area. Plus Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery is closer to Sonoma County’s Charles M. Schulz Airport than the neighboring town of Santa Rosa. Thus if you are a local Las Vegas visitor like me, you can now take nonstop flights from Las Vegas McCarran Airport on Allegiant Airlines into Charles M. Schultz Airport and eat at Coppola’s Rustic Restaurant with his wine in less than two hours. The flight was seventy minutes from Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit the Mob Museum around Downtown Fremont Street for lunch as you prepare to eat dinner at Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery and Rustic Restaurant in the evening for dinner. Upstairs Francis Ford Coppola’s museum has a collection of memorabilia from his hit film The Godfather including the original desk used in the film script next to the written script behind museum glass. Charles M. Schultz’s Cartoon Museum with the Peanut characters is less than thirty minutes south of Coppola’s museum restaurant serving wine.
Publisher, Thomas Chee