Negri‘s Original Occidental Italian Restaurant
3700 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental, CA 95465
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Occidental is priceless in its privacy. The forests are magical with life, misty fog, green branches with leaves, especially if you fly into the Sonoma airport from the dry, sandy desert of the Mojave surrounding Las Vegas. Monte Rio dazzled the imagination with tales of Bohemian Grove’s secret society. River Road has wineries for tasting fermented grapes. Occidental grabs the attention of every car that drives from River Road to Hwy 12; But what makes the car stop? Passengers insist on stopping their car for the best restaurant serving Italian fine dining north of the Golden Gate Bridge at Negri‘s. For half a century, my family has been aware of the food cooked to perfection at Negri‘s, but this trip after Christmas 2016, I never realized how sophisticated Negri‘s Authentic Italian restaurant is. The food combined with the service made everyone feel like royalty. Each server treats their guests with charm. I felt like an aristocrat dining with a family that ate only fine food. Green lettuce salads, pickled peppers, carrots, anti pasta, cauliflower, perfectly blended minestrone soup served in a bowl beside a basket of fresh bread rolls baked golden brown with a tan. The food is divine. Matched with the view of the restaurant as I sat next to the window, the food became better, truly making Negri‘s the best restaurant north of Marin County where the orange bridge separates San Francisco. Breaded, grilled chicken served in a bed of wine with mushroom sauce on a plate with mashed potatoes. Grilled prawns with angel hair pasta, noodles boiled under the perfect time with white wine, Alfredo cheese and a garlic butter. I bet the butter arrived from a local dairy in Occidental along with the fresh herbs that were garden grown in the surrounding redwood forests. Nothing is better than eating in a valley of redwood trees with hiking trails climbing into high mountains after leaving Las Vegas. There is nothing emerald green south of Carson City to Arizona in the desert of Nevada, but Negri‘s is dynamic with life that makes Negri‘s dishes taste even better. At the bar near the entrance, wine drinkers were served truffled fries, Italian Arborio risotto balls, and entrees of calamari steak. Drink a cocktail with the perfect pizza sauce covered in cheese from a local dairy – Diners are not going to find pizza baked that well in Nevada. I could have stayed in the town of Occidental longer for a weekend, week or longer, especially if that meant eating at Negri‘s twice each day. Remember the seafood brought into Bodega Bay is only minutes away to the west of where you are seated at Negri‘s, so the seafood is fresh. Clams, red snapper, salmon with a variety of pastas and combination of sauces. The town restaurant is famous for apple fritters, but my stomach did not have room for the fritters. Most trips to Occidental for tourists mean simply stopping at Negri‘s for their fritters which is a famous dessert known throughout Sonoma County. Conspiracy theories mix with rumors tell tales of the secret meetings that take place in Bohemian Grove; but the truth is easier to swallow, when tourists realize that the planet’s most powerful leaders surrounded by wealth stop to eat in Occidental so that they can enjoy the same experience you can with the flavors served up at Negri‘s Italian cuisine.

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