Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

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Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve
17000 Armstrong Woods Rd, Guerneville, CA 95446

Minutes west of Korbel Champagne Cellars off the famous River Road connecting the beach to highway 101.

Redwood trees are majestic. Armstrong Grove is hidden away from the highway called River Road that takes cars through God’s Country past the Korbel Champagne Cellars from Highway 101. New York’s Harlem has no trees. Nevada’s casino city in the south has no hiking trails waltzing through redwood trees. Trees hundreds of years old surround each walker traveling through the forest of Armstrong Grove. San Francisco has high mountains filled with cement, apartment made of wood, cables for TV, and electricity. There is nothing so serene than to escape the electricity, especially in the grove that closes at sunset. Friends asked, “Why do they close at sunset?” We were from Las Vegas, a town where nothing closes – ever – especially casinos with chips that fall on green tables with colored numbers sketched out for placing bets. I shared with the friend that I walked with in the green forest filled with ferns, “I think they close at sunset, because the valley gets dark. There are no street lights here. There are no lights at night.” Mentioning the thought of being somewhere that light at night doesn’t penetrate the leaves, branches, dirt floors made of mud next to wood chips, single leaves, and creeks flowing slower than streams unless the rain comes out to create rivers. The forest trails of Armstrong offer walkers a unique experience they will never experience in Los Angeles, El Paso, and Bourbon Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Wine? Never forget how the wine can intoxicate your surroundings. The redwood forest offers the tallest trees in the world. The City of Guerneville offers the best wine in the world. Korbel has a tasting room minutes way with extraordinary sparkling champague served to kings, presidents and prime ministers. Walkers in the Armstrong jungle can drink the sparkling grape wine for free with names designated to bottles named King’s Reserve only sold on the premises. The wine can be brought on a hike, picnic, along the hike. Buyers cannot buy the wine in Houston, Denver or Memphis. Each bottle is only sold at Korbel. This success makes a visit to Armstrong‘s redwood forest extraordinary. People in Las Vegas should stop along the shores of California to put their feet in the sea. Tourists coming to Vegas should take a trip to the Grand Canyon, especially by helicopter from the tourists corridor. Some strangers call the ideas a Bucket List. Each priority should include a trip down River Road aimed at walking through the redwood trees along Armstrong with a bottle of liquid grapes turned into sparkling champagne they just sampled at Korbel, while on the way to dining at Negri’s in Occidental for lunch. After you dine, drive north for a few minutes until your car hits highway 12 next to a bakery that serves fresh French bread loaves. Turn the car right, head west to the town where Alfred Hitchcock filmed his famous horror movie, The Birds, and enjoy a fresh seafood dinner at Bodega Bay after waltzing across the sands of the beach named after a boy named Doran.
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